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At Arts & Health Gippsland we envisage a healthcare environment
that utilises the Arts - in all its faculties - to improve the health and vitality of Gippslanders.

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A Bit of Background

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In 2019, Arts & Health Gippsland seeks opportunities to infuse local healthcare with art. This goal is informed by a wide range of evidence-based research. Arts & Health Gippsland strives to build productive relationships between healthcare providers, curated artworks, and the artists that have produced those artworks, to enable a positive impact upon health seekers and their health practitioners. This pursuit of the Arts combined with Health is based on a rich program piloted by Kings College, London; Arts & Health Gippsland will endeavour to create a neat fit of the underlying principles with the Gippsland Healthcare environment.


Making A Difference

Arts & Health Gippsland aims to augment the healthcare environment with the Arts. This is in three ways: Curating artworks to be displayed in primary healthcare rooms and other clinical settings; providing art making facilitation for the purposes of rehabilitation, therapy, or treatment for one-on-one or in group settings; and facilitating artist-in-residence programs to increase the sense of community within various healthcare settings. The work we do is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving some of our healthcare's biggest challenges.

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Art Gallery
Art Gallery

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